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Cooking bison meat is similar to cooking a very lean beef and most of your favourite recipes can easily be adapted to bison.

Donna Dawe

Buying local and eating clean is possible.


I feel confident that the meat and produce I get from Round The Bend Farm is ethically raised and you can taste the difference. We use every part of that chicken and it makes the BEST bone broth!

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About the BMO Farm Family Awards

Since its launch in 1969, farm families from northern and central Alberta communities have been recognized as the recipients of the BMO Farm Family Award. The Northern and Central Agricultural Service Boards select outstanding families who best represent values of the family farm within their rural community. The award honours both their farming business practices and community involvement. Winners receive a commemorative gate sign and are honoured at the BMO Farm Family Awards Gala.

About Bison in The Pas

We don’t know if there were bison ranging near The Pas a long, long time ago, but it’s a pretty good guess that there was.  Our climate and geography are a match to their natural habitat....

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