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We LOVE hearing directly from our customers so give us a call at  204-623-1954  with any questions, concerns or comments.

We are a small family farm, located just west of the northern Manitoba town of The Pas; a community richly steeped in tradition, honouring our ancestors and respecting our land. Here at Round The Bend Farm, we practice holistic and sustainable farming to provide fresh local produce to our customers.  Thank you for supporting local!


Various Bison cuts now available in stock:  steaks, roasts, stew, ground, soup bones, and smokies!
Price $3-22/lb


Sorry, we are sold out of plump roasting chickens.  BUT we do have flavourful small hens for $8 each!


Now signing on new "egg gangs" for a weekly delivery of fresh eggs all year round. Get started today!


Join us at the farm as we go about doing the daily chores of feeding and caring for our animals.


Healthy free range pigs for best pork flavour! Available as whole hog.

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