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We believe that the more holistically we treat our animals the healthier our finished products will be.

We are offering Virtual Farm Tours focusing on our bison, pastured pigs, and poultry operations. You can join us we go about doing the daily chores of feeding and caring for our animals via Zoom. Watch us as we feed the bison hay bales with the tractor, feeding the pigs that are raised outdoors year-round, and even collecting eggs from over 300 laying hens. We hope to engage with you as you participate in the daily life of a Northern Manitoba Farmer. We can't wait to meet you!

Shawn Sexsmith

We didn't name our farm Round The Bend because we're crazy, we named it because it's around the bend in the road. That's the official story!

Edith Sexsmith

I grew up on a mixed farm at The Pas; I never expected to become a farmer myself, but I love the rewarding life that comes from hard work!

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