Our free-range flock of about 300 laying hens produce around 20 dozen brown eggs a day.

In the cold months the hens live in insulated houses and are free to move about as they please, though once the snow comes, they prefer to stay inside. We add fresh wood shavings on the floor throughout the winter as needed.

In the summer we “turn them out to pasture” with the bison, in portable pens with protective roofing. Over the season, we regularly move the pens to give the chickens a fresh patch of land. This method of pasturing allows the hens to supplement their local grain diet with fresh grass, legumes and as many bugs as they can catch, which gives their eggs a bright orange yolk and makes them even more delicious.

Round The Bend Farm eggs are packed with flavour and the only way we can describe it is to say, try them; you too will taste the difference!


Want To Know More?

Where can I buy Round The Bend Farm eggs?

Just like the old-fashioned milkman, we deliver to your door every week! We deliver to The Pas and OCN, to your home or workplace.

There is a catch: we require a commitment of 10 dozen per week. This is not as crazy as it sounds so don’t get stumped on the 10 dozen – your co-workers, friends and family will be happy to split the order with you. You will have no problem achieving the minimum weekly order if you get 4 or 5 people to share it with you. We call these group “egg gangs”.

How does and "Egg-Gang" work?

Find a few people to join your "gang", and decide on a central delivery point. Then contact us to start getting your weekly delivery!

In terms of payment, you can either:

1. Pay us on delivery and then collect from your members when they pick up their share of
eggs from you, or

2. Have everyone pay you up front for a period of time, so that the total payment is ready
when we deliver the 10 dozen.

For example: if a member wants 1 dozen eggs every week, their $20 payment up front will
last 5 weeks; if they want 2 dozen every week, they can pay $40 up front and then again
after 5 weeks.

This arrangement works great in a workplace. It’s like a lottery pool, only with our eggs you are guaranteed to get something for your money!

Home Egg Delivery

If you are someone who is at home during the day, having a weekly egg share is a fantastic way to stay in touch with family, neighbours and friends, as you will get to see them every week when they come to pick up their eggs!

Brown Eggs are better!

We say that in jest… but, recently we taste-tested one of our brown eggs against a store-bought white egg, and guess what? Our brown egg was noticeably more flavourful! It was also bigger.

It’s fun opening a carton of our eggs because they are all different shades of brown, some with flecks. And you will typically find a variety of sizes all in one carton, which is helpful when cooking or baking for different people and with types of dishes.

We Recycle!

We like to re-use the cartons for as long as possible to minimize waste. We encourage customers to return their clean empty cartons to us for “re-loading”; we can pick them up when we deliver the next week’s egg order.

Donna Dawe

Why are these the only eggs I'll eat?

The eggs we get from Round The Bend Farm have the most creamy, rich tasting yolks I've ever had! It's like having golden egg gravy pour down over anything they're laid upon.

Our hens are all brown-coloured, and that’s why the eggs are brown. White hens lay white eggs. It’s that simple. Kind of like how chocolate milk comes from brown cows – same principle. 😉