Our free-range flock of about 300 laying hens produce around 20 dozen brown eggs a day.

In the cold months the hens live in insulated houses and are free to move about as they please, though once the snow comes, they prefer to stay inside. We add fresh wood shavings on the floor throughout the winter as needed.

In the summer we “turn them out to pasture” with the bison, in portable pens with protective roofing. Over the season, we regularly move the pens to give the chickens a fresh patch of land. This method of pasturing allows the hens to supplement their local grain diet with fresh grass, legumes and as many bugs as they can catch, which gives their eggs a bright orange yolk and makes them even more delicious.

Round The Bend Farm eggs are packed with flavour and the only way we can describe it is to say, try them; you too will taste the difference!


Donna Dawe

Why are these the only eggs I'll eat?